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Where It All Began | A Diary of Making Under The Burning Sun - Day 0

4/3/2022 - Bombay Beach

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In order to record the journey of making Narval’s first feature film, I decided to write some shooting experiences and feelings every day. However, as something that can be seen in the future, maybe, I am not the best qualified to write.

The movie “UNDER THE BURNING SUN '' starts shooting tomorrow! On the way to Bombay Beach, the camera crew and the director’s team in the car all slept soundly. So I had a rare opportunity to look back on the past four years of Narval Films.

Coincidentally, four years ago, our first project was also filmed in Bombay Beach. What's more, this actress also participated in this project as an Executive Producer. We always feel that is a good sign to us. Whether it is superstition or not, moving forward there is hope in our heart.

The past four years are important for many of us. We have experienced the joys and sorrows together, to laugh like no one is listening or cry like babies. Of course, crying is mainly my responsibility, and I also feel very good. After all, I don't know who else can make me feel free to do anything but this group of people. I think, for each of us, Narval is indeed an utopia.

We are very very very lucky to have people’s love for Under The Burning Sun and put investment into this film. These people know what we are doing, and they also understand how difficult and how impossible it is for an original project to be made by a Chinese film company. They used this money to support a young team and to do something crazy and meaningful, at the same time, extremely risky. So thanks to our investors, because of you, we can have the opportunity to tell the story that the director has been hiding for a long time, with all the filmmakers to fight fiercely once.

Upon arriving at Bombay Beach, we saw our heroine wandering and pacing around the deserted town, and we all knew she had been "walking" here for two days in order to get into the character. Tat from the director's team sat next to me and said, "I can already see the character in her." Yes, I seem to have seen it as well that she will take the audience to experience every moment in the story.

In the evening, by the end of the production meeting, the director Yun said, “Under The Burning Sun is a crazy story, so guys, let’s go crazy!” Everyone at the meeting laughed. Yes, this is really a bunch of cute crazy people.

It suddenly occurred to me that, as the first feature film of Narval, this "first" experience may never happen again in the future. So, no matter what, this is something to be excited about, something should be engraved in memory, and something to thank everyone regardless of the outcome.

May the shooting that starts tomorrow go smoothly, warm wishes to everyone.


April 3, 2022 Bombay Beach CA

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