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Craving That Desert Heat | A Diary Of Making Under The Burning Sun - Day 3

4/6/2022 - Bombay Beach

[Check Project Details 👉 Under The Burning Sun ]

It’s been the 3rd shooting day and we were not immune from the rising gasoline cost. Especially the remaining days are full of deserted locations and abandoned areas. For a road movie, this is no doubt a bad situation. For two days in a row, after filming, the whole crew had to refuel their gas. Looking at the 6 dollars per gallon price sign, I was really distressed. Maybe rather than thinking of a more cost-effective way, it is more practical to pray the gas price will drop any time soon.

When the filming entered the third day, there were scenes that were full of physical actions and intense emotions, which coincided with the sudden temperature rise. Because of that, the actress (Stepahnie) began feeling exhausted both physically and mentally. Gradually, she pushed her strength to the limit. By the end of the last take, she collapsed on the ground and burst with tears, shaking. The director rushing over to her and gave her a tight hug. At that moment, those feelings of greatest joy and greatest suffering were entwined. She called her soul to come into another life, and then cut it open and dig deep into it, then show it to everyone. This process may be called character building, but I think it is essentially the process of forging one’s soul. In fact, every team member I can see had been through this process, whether it is the camera crew, art, sound, costume, or producing, etc. They are in my heart, like the actors, they live in this movie. Some were seen by the audience, some were not. But it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist, rather, they live within the story.

I left the set for other errands in the middle of the day. When I came back, Sound Mingge gave me a nod and said, "It was really good. Watch the daily this evening and you'll know!" The smile and satisfaction he showed at that moment must also be part of this film. Even when we talking about the content between shooting, sometimes he said that this was definitely not what the director wanted, and the style was wrong. After three days, looks like everyone is really getting to understand more and more where we are going.

I hope tomorrow's shooting goes well, I hope the air conditioner in the base camp is working, and I hope I can get the strawberry toast in the morning.

Good night world. 😴

April 6, 2022 Bombay Beach


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