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Count down 3, 2, 1 | A Diary Of Making Under The Burning Sun - Day 20

05/03/2022 - Palmdale

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Tiktok tiktok, the countdown has begun! Only one page left on Zicheng’s shot list. I secretly told Rosie, "actually some crews were wishing the production never ends." Turned out, Rosie burst into laughter, saying that the only person who didn’t want to end was me 😢... But, I believe, besides me, there must be someone else who wish the same. After all, it’s been hell a month and so f* fun together with this team!!!

During the past month, we went to several different deserted areas for filming, which has been quite hard for everyone. However, the team bonding has reached to a higher level and it’s been blissful for everyone to trust each other completely. This thrill of co-creating is rather compounded by the physical exhaustion.

In this team, each person has an irreplaceable role. This is not only about recognizing each member’s professionalism, but also the mutual trust between the team, mutual appreciation and mutual encouragement. Each day, we support each other, all the way to the end. After having such an experience, I believe it is inevitable that people do not want to leave, and hope that this process can go longer and farther...

May 3, 2022 Palmdale


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