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Iropus, We Are Here! | A Diary Of Making Under The Burning Sun - Day 19

05/02/2022 - Palmdale

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As of today, Guadalupe’s work is basically over. If there is no supplementary shooting, then the rest of the scenes can be completed by everyone pushing together, hahahaha. When Yun quietly told Jera about that, they both laughed, and secretly gave each other a high-five. That’s said, only the wearer knows where the shoes pain.

This film requires a lot of cars and strange props. In terms of art design, we can’t find that many references, which needed is to exert extreme imagination in a prescribed situation, at the same time, to achieve unity in aesthetics to build a believable world. Our production designer Dong, racked his brains from design to execution in order to achieve the effect he and the director wanted. Really, this is so hard. With such tight budget, Dong did everything he can to get the results. Even, he grabbed paintbrush, and isolate himself few days in Joshua Tree to create a prop from scratch. When it finally come to the scene, everyone was amazed. On the huge wooden board, with the clumsy touches, and not so popular color matching, so vivid and so weird, and that’s exactly what we need in our movie!

Looking at the Iropus sign quietly standing in the wilderness, it seems like it has been there for ages. The color, and worn out effect, matched perfectly with the overall environment. At that moment, I felt like I already in a different world, the boundary between reality and fiction has become blurred.

Thanks to Dong and his fantastic work. Everyone said, you won’t stay when you see Dong’s work in progress. It will be a mess, a disaster. But, you won’t walk when you see Dong’s work. You will forget all the mass and fall in love with him.

Good night, my trustworthy friends!

May 2, 2022 Palmdale


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